Step 1

The first decision you need to make is your preferred cabinet configuration.
What are you looking for in your cabinet, the practicality of ample storage, a traditional or modern look, smooth clean lines or a little bit of everything? To assist with your selection Showerama have created families of cabinet configurations, each offering varying combinations of doors, drawers and open shelves. As a starting point, choose a family that is right for you from Our Range on page 6 of our catalogue. Click here to download.

Step 2

Having made the practical decisions so far, next you get to add your own style.
Decide what style you are looking for, is it the modern feel of a wall hung vanity or the visual illusion of space by having your vanity on legs or maybe it is the classic vanity on a kick. You may want more drawers than doors, you may want the drawers on the left rather than the right. Showerama offer a wide range of options for you to be able to make the choice that works for you. See page 8 of our catalogue to better understand what works for you. Click here to download.

Step 3

Configuration is selected, now it is onto the cabinet size that suits your needs.
At Showerama we offer one of the most extensive ranges of size available on the market. Keep in mind that the size of the vanity you select will depend on the space available in your bathroom. Measure up your available space taking into account the space required for standing room in front of the vanity and for the opening of drawers and doors. This will tell you what size vanity you can fit into your bathroom. See page 8 of our catalogue for available sizes. Click here to download.

Step 4

The next decision to be made on the cabinet is colour and finish.
Now your individual taste comes into play. With so many choices when it comes to finish and colour, Showerama have simplified this process by offering four groups of cabinet finishes – the choice is yours. Select from Standard, Premium, Ultra or the Ultra Plus group. You might also wish to make a statement with your cabinet, do something different, add some glass or routing to your doors and enhance the look you are aiming for. See page 9 of our catalogue to help decide the right finish group for you. Click here to download.

Step 5

The final step to your dream vanity, select the top or bowl that best suits your needs.
What is important to you; a single bowl, double bowl, drop in or under mount bowl? Select from Showerama’s signature Australian made cultured marble tops or make a grand statement with the elegance of a stone top, the choice is yours. Rest assured that the quality of Showerama’s range of tops means you never have to settle for second best. Page 9 of our catalogue has all the information you need to assist you in your choices of tops. Click here to download.