Where can I purchase Showerama Bathroom Polish?

Our bathroom polish can be purchased directly from us or can be ordered in from any distributors / retailers who sell our products.

To order directly from us you can go to our shop (Spare Parts) and pay via credit card.


How are the Aluminium mirrors fitted?

The Aluminium mirrors can be fitted with double sided tape and silicone fixed to the wall or be drilled for screw snap cap fixing through the frame (Instructions for installation come with you mirror)To order directly from us you can go to our shop (Spare Parts) and pay via credit card.


Can I get a custom made showerscreen?


Can I purchase a showerscreen and install it myself?

Yes. We can make the Showerscreen to your measurements for you to pick up or we can organise delivery only at an extra charge

Can I purchase spare parts for my Showerama Showerscreen?

Yes. Spare parts can be purchased directly from our website

Do you install Showerscreens?

Yes. We install our Showerscreens in NSW & QLD only. Please contact our customer service team to see if we still install in your area.

How much warranty comes with your showerscreens?

7 year warranty. Warranty on glass specifically excludes breakage, scratching or any consequence of the breakage other than where the glass or installation does not comply with AS 1288.

Click on the link to download Warranty Statement: Showerama Warranty

What kind of glass is used in your showerscreens?

Safety Glass is used on all Showerscreens as required by the Australian Standard 1288-2006.

When can I get a quote on a new Showerscreen?

Our representative would be happy to provide an obligation free quotation once tiling has been completed.


Can I get a custom made vanity ?

Yes. We custom make cabinets to your required measurements.

Can i have either left or right hand drawer side when ordering my vanity?

Yes you can have the drawers on the Left or Right hand side at no extra charge.

How do I get the drawers out of my Alpino or Caprice vanity?

There are two grey levers under each side of the drawer, pull them forward at the same time and the drawer will slide out.

How much warranty do I get on my cabinet?

12 Month warranty.

Why does my gloss vanity have scratches on the front?

Because there is a clear plastic film covering the front set (and sides / kickboard if a full gloss) of the vanity. This should be removed on installation refer to instruction leaflet inside vanity or contact our customer service staff for help.


Can I get a custom made top?

Yes. We can custom make Caesarstone or Glass. We can only cut down and finish the ends of our polymarble tops to your specified size.

Can I get light scratches out of my polymarble top?

Showerama bathroom polish is great for getting out light scratches in your vanity top.

How much warranty so I get on my vanity top/basin?

Showerama offer a 10 year warranty on all their vanity tops, slab tops and basins.

I have chipped my cultured marble vanity top is it repairable?

Yes. Our cultured marble tops and basin are repairable as long as the chip is not too big. You can purchase a repair kit from us with instructions on how to repair your top.

What is a Cultured Marble Top?

Cultured marble is a product that is cast in a mould using high quality ingredients. The surface is a sanitary grade gelcoat polymer which provides resistance to staining and scratching and imparts a superior gloss finish. Filler for the product is OMYACARB (a calcium carbonate powder) the filler is mixed with resin and a catalyst to start a reaction that thermo-sets the compound hard.

What if my top is bowed?

Cultured Marble goes through extreme temperature variations during the manufacturing process. During the cooling process tops will shrink and in some cases may appear to have a bow.

Click on the link to download Allowances Bowed Top Allowances